About Us

DC Action Lab is a worker-owned collective of experienced organizers trying to build a world based on equity, justice, and sustainability.

From flash street actions and communications to long term strategy and coalition building, our mission is to provide support for the nuts and bolts of movement building. We can handle all of your communications, fundraising, action, event, facilitation, and strategic planning needs.

We work with people and organizations building bottom-up power for positive social change.  We support strategic thinking for long haul organizing because we believe change happens through broad based social movements fighting for systemic change.  Click here to learn more about hiring us!



robbyRobby Diesu  is an organizer, trainer, and strategist who works in various social movements. Robby specializes in mass mobilizations and direct actions for the environmental and labor movement, bringing tens of thousands to DC to protest fracking, corporate investment in coal, and  the Keystone XL pipeline. As strategist, Robby has help develop and build the structure and process for the Stop the Frack Attack Network- the largest national network against dirty and unsafe fracking.  He is a graduate of Catholic University and serves as Board Chair/Queen of the Washington Peace Center.



samSamantha Miller is an organizer, facilitator, trainer, and communications specialist with a background in the anti-war, student, environmental, and labor movements.  Originally from Los Angeles, Sam became active in the anti-war movement with Students for a Democratic Society and as an intern for Codepink while attending UCLA.  After graduating, she moved to DC and began working extensively with the Alliance of Community Trainers on direct actions, mobilizations and trainings in DC, Texas, and around the country.  Sam has worked as a national organizer with Codepink and Oil Change International and program director of Military Families Speak Out, the only organization of military families to take a stand against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  She has also served on the Coordinating Committee of United for Peace & Justice and currently sits on the board of the Washington Peace Center. Sam specializes in creative direct actions, group facilitation, and building low-cost websites and communications infrastructure.



IMG_3498Aniqa Raihan is a senior at the George Washington University and an Assistant Organizer at DC Action Lab. Like Sam, Aniqa got her start in activism at Codepink. She has also worked with American Friends Service Committee, Beautiful Trouble, and the DC Justice for Muslims Coalition, and she has recently become involved in reforming the policies regarding sexual violence at GW. Aniqa feels particularly passionately about ending Islamophobia and achieving justice for Palestine.





Katie Petitt is an organizer, facilitator, trainer, and community development specialist. Katie’s passion for organizing began at a young age; at the age of 15, she organized a student walkout in objection the U.S.-Iraq War. At 20, she co-founded Food For Thought, an organization in Spokane, Washington that hosts annual dinners planned and hosted equitably by students, people who are homeless, and other community members to break down barriers and put a human face on homelessness. Katie received a Certificate in Community Development from Stellenbosch University in South Africa, a Bachelor’s in Peace Studies from Whitworth University, and and a Master’s degree from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. She then conducted field research about water conflicts in Ethiopia and worked for over five years in refugee resettlement. Katie currently handles external relationships and strategy development for Black Lives Matter-DC. Katie is also an an independent consultant, focused on strategic planning and organizational culture, event/retreat planning, social media, storytelling, and fundraising.