#CancelKavanaugh: March to the Supreme Court

On October 4, 2018, we trained thousands of activists, and coordinated logistics, permits and legal and jail support for a massive march to demand that the Senate stop the vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and sexual abuser, Brett Kavanaugh. We trained activists on the evening of Oct. 3 and early on Oct. 4 in nonviolent direct action, and the march gathered midday at the Federal Courthouse near the Capitol where Kavanaugh had been a judge. Thousands of women, survivors and allies rallied and marched to the Supreme Court and the Hart Senate Office Building, where they engaged in civil disobedience, including banner drops and a rally and sit-in in the atrium of the Hart Building. More than 300 protesters were arrested, and DC Action Lab continued to provide legal and jail support until the last person was released.


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October 29, 2018