Internet Cats Unite!

Internet Cats Unite!


Felines ranging from Grumpy Cat to Colonel Meow (RIP) to the ubiquitous LOLcats have become the Internet’s unofficial mascots. According to some estimates, cat content accounts for a whopping 15 percent of all online traffic — making the average household kitty the Internet’s spirit animal.

And so early one morning more than 200 kitties gathered on the lawn outside FCC headquarters to thank Chairman Tom Wheeler for signaling that he’ll protect Net Neutrality.

A few weeks later brought out the Showdown at the FCC: Net Neutral-i-kitty vs. Cable Boss

The cats redeployed to DC, and in addition to rallying for strong Net Neutrality protections, the cats were in D.C. to witness a historic battle between two contenders who symbolized the fight over the fate of the Internet.

On one side was Net Neutral-i-kitty, representing the millions of Internet users who had spoken out for Net Neutrality over the past year. On the other side was Cable Boss, hailing from the self-serving nation of Comcast.

Although Cable Boss’ superior size might have given him some advantages, Net Neutral-i-kitty’s strength came from many sources — from people posting cat videos online to protesters rallying in the streets to the millions of people who have weighed in at the FCC.


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February 19, 2015